No one should face prostate cancer alone

MAC members provide non-medical support, counselling and information for men diagnosed with prostate cancer and their relatives.

MAC members provide peer support by phone, for patients and relatives.

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If you require support, please use our contact form and a member of MAC will respond as soon as possible.
Or you phone MAC on: 01-2542887 or email:


You can also get support and information on Prostate Cancer from the Irish Cancer Society.
Call the Irish Cancer Society on:

Freephone 1800 200 700


We welcome new members so please consider getting in touch . If you would like to Join MAC and get involved in supporting those affected by Prostate Cancer please complete the online application form.


“In 2009 age 62, I went to my GP on to get my blood pressure checked. He took blood samples that I thought were just routine.  About a week later he advised me that there were some high blood test readings, and he would like me to see a urologist…  “

“I was diagnosed with prostate cancer almost by chance. Apart from having to get up to the loo at night I didn’t have any other symptoms. My GP had been checking my PSA since my mid-50’s just as a precaution and it was always very low for my age.  In 2019 I was in hospital for a coronary procedure and in the weeks afterwards noticed some blood… “

“Following diagnosis with Intermediate risk prostate cancer, I started Androgen Deprivation Therapy (a.k.a. Hormone Treatment) a few months before my radiotherapy commenced.  I expected to remain on ADT for at least a year…”

“Having had urination frequency problems during 2016, I had some blood tests which yielded high PSA results.  I then had a TRUS biopsy which showed prostate cancer in all 12 samples, and I was diagnosed with ‘aggressive’ prostate cancer in November 2016. . I then had three scans around Christmas/New Years (CAT, Bone and MRI scans)… 

“I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer when I was 59 years of age.  My PSA had increased but at that time I wasn’t very well informed about what that meant.  The first oncologist I saw recommended surgery.  I had my biopsy and got septicaemia from the procedure…”

 “I’ll start my story in my early 60’s – I’d had an enlarged prostate for many years and was seeing a urologist to treat that and to alleviate the accompanying bladder problems. Examinations had always shown enlargement, but no unusual shape and my PSA was never elevated for my age. In 2019 my consultant recommended an MRI… “

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