Prostate Diseases that are NOT prostate cancer

Urinary Symptoms

Relative to its size and weight the prostate is the cause of more disease than any other organ in our body. Luckily, most of this disease is not cancer. Problems of the prostate are very often seen as problems with emptying the bladder. Urinary symptoms, however, may result from several diseases like a bacterial infection (prostatitis) or an enlarged prostate (BPH) and these causes should always be ruled out first before an investigation is even started to confirm the presence of prostate cancer.


Prostatitis (pronounced prosta-tight-iss) is an acute infection of the prostate caused by bacteria and characterised by fever, chills and urinary urgency. It is a rare but serious disease.  Hospitalisation may be required if there is no clear improvement in 24 hours because of the dangers from the invasion of bacteria into the blood system.

There is also a common condition in practically all men after age 50, called chronic prostatitis or inflammation in some prostate zones caused by the stagnation of the secretions or reflux of urine. Very few cases of chronic prostatitis are caused by bacteria. This condition requires patience, maybe even psycho-social support, such as counselling, for the patient.


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